People visit the internet because they want information.

This information can be anything from celebrity gossip to heavy scholarly articles. Today, people are spoiled for choice, because they have information at their fingertips. They want the knowledge they seek quickly, and are open to the first relevant information they find. You can use this opportunity to your benefit if you follow the steps listed below:

  • Customer Questions. You can anticipate the kinds of questions your customers might have and answer them to the best of your ability with articles and content. You’ll find the most commonly asked questions if you look for top searches related to your category. According to research, 65% smart phone users will look for the most relevant information and they don’t really care about where they come from. If you provide the most comprehensive and relevant information, they won’t look elsewhere.
  • Access to the Information. The information you publish online will be of no use if your customers can’t find it. You need to make sure that people who look for information can find it quickly. About 69% of smart phone users are more likely to buy your product if your website or app provides all relevant information quickly and easily.
  • Offer Help. You need to go out of your way to give your customers all the information they need about your products and services. Mobile research does play a part in the purchase decision, even for large purchases and goals; so you should always be willing to offer information and advice. If you do that, you’ll help the decision making process and sway customer opinion in your favor. At least 90% of smart phone users research long-term goals and make large purchases on the mobile platform. They do this research when they’re on the move. If you connect with your customers in the I-want-to-know moments, you will have a significant influence over their purchase decision.


Consumer information I want to know micro moments

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